I am a mountain biker. I am a ‘serial phone camera” photographer. I am also a ‘serial writer and sometime philosophical thinker. From birth I am also hearing impaired with Sensorineural hearing loss but yet, it doesn’t stop me from living my life at best! My greatest pleasure is wide open spaces. Riding my bike solo. Experiencing nature. Chasing sunrises. Chasing sunsets. Riding in general. It is here that I share what I see. What I think. What I experience.

The world has much to offer if we just take the time to experience nature, take it all in, embrace some solitude, be still & just listen….

A cyclist since 1990, and officially a fully fledged mountain biker from 2013, transitioning from road cycling to off road, I came to really appreciate what nature and being out in the bush-veld, rural back roads and from time to time, some place new. The liberating feeling of donning a backpack and riding for miles on your own, being self sufficient in moments in time and appreciating that what is around you is a wonder many should attempt. I am also mindful that this would also not be everyone’s cup of tea. For me, nothing beats a long day in the saddle.

I have covered many miles around my rural surroundings over the past years. I have also covered and bike packed across countrysides to coastlines. I have raced a mountain bike 2300km unsupported across South Africa through some of the most remote places anyone can go to and the experiences, the people, the humility, the adversity overcome, the memories thus far are always embedded and ingrained in my subconscious for the rest of my days. I have indulged in much picture taking and it is always a pleasure sharing the creations that have lain before me.

Mountain biking is my vice.

Taking pictures is my diversion.

Sharing these moments is what gives me joy.   ~ THE BLOG POSTS