February is past the half way mark and the year tapping along.

My antics over the past month and a half have been, quite frankly, traditional. Work, bike riding, home and one or two minor travel moments etc. After embarking on what I term my 40 day cycle “base train system” which started on the 1st January and ended 40 days later, had been very different to past 40 day programs completed.

After a term off the bike, It was time for me to start getting back into shape. I had piled on the weight after Freedom Challenge race across South Africa in 2016, just letting myself self go sadly. Getting caught up in the rat race again and easing myself off the balance of life, which I only have myself to blame for that, the 40 day plan basically would form the backdrop of my base training to start getting into the sync of things. It entailed a commitment of riding for 40 days, every day, with a set minimal distance, or time and a required ascent as the goal. I had packed on just short of 17 kilos to my skeletal frame since August 2016 and some serious work was required. I only needed to lose 9 kilos to get to my optimum weight I prefer which creates a balance between the power to weight ratio I desire.

My other half who also committed herself to wanting to shed some weight loss was right up my alley. No dieting needed but a required shift in eating habits and lifestyle has become the key and has seen me shed 6 kilos from the 1st of January.

I have found that my commitments to cycle have taken a more laid back approach with very little early morning rises as to what was witnessed in 2016 and more afternoon rides between and after work.

My first little adventure ride about to kick off, planned and structured solely by me, will be a rough maximum 500km trek across the country from my home town Queenstown up in the countryside of the Eastern Cape and end all the way down to the port city of Port Elizabeth on the Eastern Cape coastline. Taking few, short connecting tar roads but then onto mostly the dirt roads/tracks less traveled and planned over four days, traversing over some new terrain will surely be a challenge when doing it purely solo. The additional challenge will be the day heat and finding accessibility to water if needed as part of the stretches are across some remote barren land with nothing in sight for miles. The risks of adventure are always attractive to some. The elements of the unknown can sometimes be a mystic pull to those who seek it.

 The planned route decided on….

Day 1 

Day 2 – tricky…

Day 3 – long lonely stretches….

Day 4….. enter civilization again…

The hours are ticking down and the packing just about complete, the excitement mounts….I guess then I am ready to roll!

With a bike………..


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