Day 21 of 365

Day 21 of 365…… Sunday morning mountain bike ride and taking some more pics again! Just a moment that was reveled in that somehow made me reflect and realize again, we have plenty to be grateful for.

I dubbed this pic “fire in the sky” after post ride, scanning through them and picked it as my favorite.

The warmth of the sun trying to break through the mist resembles life to me. New day, new dawn. From prehistoric times, fire along with water has always resembled life. The sun brings on the warmth as the emulation of fire would. Water brings on life and is critical for survival of all things. Without these two elements our lives are challenged.

We are going through a severe drought and for some their is distraught as supplies have dried up. For me and our local community we are still blessed to have even though we are in pending survival mode.

There is still plenty to be grateful for!





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