As I write, rain is coming down hard outside and January 2018 is six days shy of coming to a close and the first month of twelve about to end. Where have things moved to? What has transpired up to now? We have all heard at the start of the year about twelve new chapters that lie ahead and that on the 1st January 2018 is the first page of a fresh 365.

That first chapter is about to close along with some action taken on my part, even though it may seem small in contrast at first….

I took a conscious decision at the beginning of 2018 that there were things that needed to change. I needed to move from my ‘existence and really look at how to start ‘living more. I have had this conscious decision played through my head a number of times in the recent few years that have passed, yet this year it just feels different. More focus maybe? More determination? More understanding? I’m not sure what to pin as the real definition of why it feels different this year, but it just does.

I would compare this conscious sensation and co-current driven mind of mine being that of riding a long distance endurance bike race and where I am at that point where I’m heavily fatigued and I know I need to take action so that I can keep going to the end. To finish it! The desire to finish is strong and there is a constant struggle within the ache of fatigue where head and heart are in battle to determine positive versus negative favor over one another whilst the need to nurture the body with supplement to keep it going is critical.

Life should never be a race but rather a journey as I have come to realize more and more as I have gotten older and the life experiences exposed to. It’s also one of the key elements of why I enjoy long distance ultra mountain bike marathons. For me it takes me on a journey of self perspective about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses. It teaches me to embrace suffering and to overcome adversities some times. It teaches me to take in my surroundings. It teaches me to be humble and grateful for the ability to experience such adventures. Every time I engage in one of these events and mostly succeed, it is a reminder that I am stronger than I think I am. When I am done, I am always stronger than I was before. A lesson to all is that we are all stronger than we think we are.

At a late stage in my life now, I am yearning for a definite change. In the past there have been changes but I wouldn’t call them focused changes. Maybe it’s best to call it a ‘running from something’ change in the past, thinking it to be a change that would bring long lasting contentment and happiness. But it seldom did. I have been in employ for others over the past two decades and the realizations have been that it has never allowed me to be my real authentic self and that this has sort of bothered me for a long time now.

Recently, I am more prone to realize and accept that my life journey with all its traumas, highs and lows, subtle opportunities and paths crossed with people and moments may well happen for a reason and it is a teaching to self but many of us think nothing of it. I have come to a point where I try never to under-estimate the power of that meeting, that engagement, that event…… that crossing.

At a later stage in my life I’ve learnt to lean on things that make me happy, that make me glow from time to time. The wisdom and the lessons learnt is that if you want to change and you want change that makes you spin in the whirlpool of happiness, one of the things required is you need to determine your passions. You need to determine what is it that you do and when you do it that it makes you feel happy, complete and joyful. We are all good at something. We all have something we enjoy doing and sometimes in what we do, it can also make a difference to others. If you are making a difference, then that is called purpose. Purpose is affiliated to your passion.

I believe you can live off your passion and it might not always give you what you want from a financial perspective but then what matters most are the introspective questions that requires answering.

Money! Yes, we all need it. It is a materialistic entity that controls our living lives. Sometimes we try so hard to obtain as much of it as we can to sustain a materialistic lifestyle that we sometimes forget the element of natural existence. Sometimes we feel we don’t have enough and we grind away and push harder at the risk of running ill health, stress and the likes because we believe we could obtain more and in the process we forget to live. I mean truly live.

Happiness is never bought off the supermarket shelf or the showroom floor. Nor does money buy you morals, manners or integrity.

I believe when you pursue your passion and if fortunate to derive an income from it, it is not so much the income that matters but rather the happiness derived that comes from doing what you love. When you are in that frame and state of mind, then true happiness prevails. That I am certain of!

As my new web blog is officially out there, many will read this post at some time and many will frown, many will scoff, many will laugh. These will be some ‘friends, some family and even unknowns. My advice to self has always been, ‘beware the dream stealers!

One of my favorite quotes always rings true:

Life’s full of lots of dream-stealers always telling you you need to do something more sensible. I think it doesn’t matter what your dream is, just fight the dream-stealers and hold onto it.” ~ Bear Grylls

To maintain happiness, I try revert to my passions of mountain biking, the wide open spaces, taking images of our world out there in my amateur way and sharing it, dabbling in carpentry, listening to people’s problems, doing some charity work for hearing impaired children if I can and then also writing from time to time.

…I would love to take my passions and incorporate this into a financial realism so also to obtain more freedom to do the things I love so I can continue to love the things I do in my own authentic way…..








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