That’s Life

What binds us together

Day 59 of 365 concludes the month of February 2018. The summer has been harsh on reflection of the days gone as we start the progress of moving into the autumn moods. Some healthy rain over the past weeks has bought some welcomed reprieve to the scorched Eastern Cape African landscape but also making no mistake this is a far cry from what is still required. Yet, we rejoice in what has come and I am sure every petal, blade of grass, bark of trees, sliver of weed has suckled in glee as it can also be felt in the air and surroundings early mornings with the sense of freshness of a new day started and the calmness of dusk at the end of day with the setting of the sun.

Riding, training, spinning, sprinting with variable cadence has been the better order of the day on the bike through the month. A week layoff with hard manual labour and a snotty nose and sore throat scare for two of the days were shrugged off with an opening ride at the end of it. I am a firm believer that a little exercise and rush of blood from elevated heart rate in moderation is part remedy to get back on track and a cure for such ailment. If it’s in the head, it can be forced. If it’s in the chest, well, that would be another story and a box of med probably. Luckily this was in the head.

Getting ready for 36One mountain bike race due in 51 days time at time of writing, has been going along fine as training stats would depict that I am ahead on schedule against last year’s training pattern with some improvements. That can always be a good thing and positivity for the mind especially again for a race of this depth, distance and magnitude and being one year older.

There have been some changes to well laid plans too for the month of Feb, but as life will have it, the saying goes, ‘that’s life!’

Some big rides planned for March. Good on paper but it’s the execution that matters. In between the juggle of a full day job, family and home renovations, it’s always a challenge but its how we manage it that counts……

In between my ups and down, Ascents, descents, lows as well as highs, I keep reminding myself I am blessed. There are many things that bind us together. There are many things on my mind for 2018.

But! up to now, up to day 59 of 2018 there has been plenty to be grateful for……

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