Winds of Change

March has swept away in almost a blinding flash and the first quarter of the year gone and lost forever.

There is much truth in that life just pushed on and I was kept busy with my day job, then carpentry and deck building at home and then of course my mountain biking, training.

The wind of change has definitely turned the wind vale early in 2018, into another direction and exciting developments on the horizon for some. Some-being that of within the family circle my son being accepted to wing off to Australia at the end of 2018 and my wife reaching one of the pinnacles of her work career in education with a top job position promoted to. At time of writing the final signatures to conclude the official nature of the developments are awaited.

Well! Maybe 2018 has become the year of reckoning with all these out of the blue developments which has also left me having to re-evaluate my own planning and developments which has been thrown the proverbial curveball in my way. Yes! I had a vision, a long term goal, plan, dream of where I would have liked things to be a year from now, but its back to the drawing board.

From my previous blog, which recently cumulated into my own personalized webpage, web blog after a long period of time, I have written mainly about all my biking antics and experiences. Somewhere in there, I had also touched on my disability of being born severely hearing impaired (not totally deaf) and I had also dabbled in some fund raising for and towards kids with hearing impairments and deafness in the past years. Today I am touching on this again.

Again lately, the fire in me is burning to start fundraising again and to make a difference in the lives of those which I have a closer connection to when referring to the disability of deafness and hearing impairment. If the opportunity arose, I would even consider leaving my current career in business retail and consider a change towards working with deaf/hearing impaired children from a point of view of education, upliftment, encouragement and development by also utilizing my own experiences with others. Some would ask but why! The answer is simple. I can relate and I can translate experiences back to them with purpose, I believe. If you can make a difference and when you make that difference and that difference matters to someone you’re trying to make a difference to, then you are indulging in purpose.

Still ahead of my training schedule, I have 15 days to go and my 4th ultra endurance mountain bike race over 361km with a 36hr cut-off and over 5000m of ascent plus extreme daytime heat to contend with. This race over the past 4 years has incorporated many miles of training, leaning on past experiences, personal and non-personal as well as the ability to train my mind to get through whatever struggles, adversity and discomfort that comes with a race of this magnitude which has ultimately resulted in my successful completions of these events.

The ability to succeed and transcend these tests of human endurance allows one to take and apply the lessons learnt into day to day living. As far as my hearing disability goes, well! races such as this reminds me that I have a whole lot more abilities than a disability!

My thought processes are that once my race is completed, the planning is to start engaging with NGO’s and organizations (which I have already begun) assisting hearing impaired and deaf children and young people and to find out what I can do to be of assistance in any way. As I have written many times before. Do we choose to just exist in our world or do we thrive to reach out, to seek out and decide to live a life of purpose? I have from time to time just had this continual ‘force within me, a gut feel that I need to start gravitating towards whatever this urge is. In the bigger scheme of things, it is something I have felt for a while now and feel it is time to start addressing.

Maybe it is time to start following the heart…

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